13 September 2007


well, i had to send out an email to all the store patrons that scrapbook store's last day of business will be on September 28th. sucks. i'm sad, but i know it's been a real headache for my friend and i tried to help and love it as if it were my own (i wish i had the cash!), but she has to do what she has to do...her family comes first.

no more chicken e. runs, no more hanging out while it's not even open. no more key. i so have to remember to get an apron before i go. i work seven more days there. then that's it.

and, i don't know how much scrapbooking i'll do, other than our planned once a month at someone's home or at another store. i mean i am sooooo FREAKIN' BUSY! when the heck did that happen? notice the time. i've been up since 4:30 (owen is still not sleeping through the night??? and i haven't slept through the night either in over a year--didn't sleep too well when i was prego). but at least i can update my blog. got the store site and email stuff done, finally checked my email, did some receipt deductions...blah, blah.

michael has lost a second tooth. this happened about two days after the first one came out. he is doing well at school. his little friend whom he sits next to in class will be on his soccer team....please, please, please let there not be practice tomorrow! i have my whole day planned to the hour and if his coach calls to reschedule i'm so screwed!

owen is a terd, turd, however you spell that. he's standing up in his crib. he doesn't know what to do after that but...he is some stinky little boy...but oh, so very, very sweet! and his eyes are still very blue (not red, as in this pic):ok. i sent my mom a text the other day. but i'm not sure she's the one who received it? does that make sense? she got a new cell phone and i didn't save her number except to my head. so i sent her the text and the next day i got one back saying "who is this". now, it most likely isn't her b/c i don't see my mom typing and sending a text. not that she couldn't, she'd just be too scared. so i sent one back saying that it's her daughter. then i got one back stating "i don't have any kids." so my question is to you, momma, did you get this text and are you just trying to be safe? b/c it's meeee, you silly goose! oh, and i really need to update your email in my contacts too, btw.

yummy ring pops:

yeah, i'm terrible...this is my kid's after-school snack. but today was special, i guess.

and then all my boys were on the couch (and the gomes was on the floor trying to scratch his butt on mike's foot):

ew, mike...don't use michael's old booby pillow again until i wash it, ok?

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