06 January 2008


i have combined my two blogs into one:


i'll still have this one and my old creative blog, but all the new additions will be to
'life at the polka dot house'
(can't figure out how to migrate all the posts--not sure if you can anyway)...

won't you come visit me at the new house?

01 January 2008


scared baby...walking baby...

(no children were harmed during the making of this video)

what a crew! hope to get our chrismtas morning video up soon.

27 December 2007

Some pics from Christmas

i hope to have some video up soon...but you know how that goes! i got more video than pictures of Christmas morning. and the pics i did get are either blurry or red-eye...too much excitment i guess.
hope everyone had a great one!

waiting in line for Santa on the 23rd...what were we thinking?
it really wasn't that bad though. we made it last in line before they shut it down for lunch.

they won't let you take pics anymore, even if you buy one...mike had to sneak this one from outside the gate. a little blurry, hon...
i'll try to scan the one we purchase and post it

sleeping so soundly, knowing that his big brother asked Santa to bring a Fisher-Price Tool Bench just for him watching Scooby-Doo...only one more day 'til Santa comes!

What? Santa is coming tonight???

is this a scooter? why is it so small?

a little disgusted at first thinking it was just some plain old clothes. i missed the big, "oh cool" look when he found out it was a Dallas Cowboys fleece jacket.

a little cheetah friend for the gomes to go with the little lion he stole from my roommate like eight years ago...

cleaning up after a Pig-Ear breakfast...

We spent the day with Mike's family at his Mom and Dad's house..they got owen a rocking horse. he seems to love it!!!

Michael cheers on his cousins as they Wii beat-each-other-up. it was so worth Mike standing outside Target at 4am last Christmas to get this silly game console. if you don't have one, you really need to figure out a way to get one.

Ma!!! I can't put my arms down!

21 December 2007

Michael's Christmas party was today at school. They all had such a good time from the looks of things. they made a reindeer craft and an ornament, had a book exchange and then they ate Chick-Fil-A nuggets and fruit. well, mich didn't eat any fruit. it was mrs. c.'s last day as his teacher, too. so that was kind of sad. the new teacher seems pretty nice though. i hope she just doesn't try to change their routines in the middle of the year. anyway, it was all very cute! and the best part is each table, all on their own before they started eating, held each other's hands and bowed their heads. they didn't have anyone tell them to do it. and, even though they're all excited about getting presents, now i know that they all do really know what it's all about! what an amazing bunch of 5 and 6 year olds!

some more pics from today and one of our baby-tortured tree:

18 December 2007


can't find my camera! mike is going to kill me! it's probably somewhere stupid like under the pile of papers on the counter or in owen's toy box.

and i really want it right now because mich and owen and playing in the kitchen togther throwing a whiffle ball back and forth. and then michael put it in the back of a little truck and pushed the truck to owen and then owen takes the ball out and puts it back in and tries to push the truck back to michael. soooo cute!!!

our house hunting did not go too well this past weekend. granted, we only looked at three houses. but that was enough to tell us that we want a brand new home. one that looks something like this:

or this (a 4 bedroom, so i can have a scrapbook room without the boys having to share a room--yes, if we only get a 3 bedroom, the boys will share a room. i will have a scrapbook room if we get a house.) forgive me...i'm a tad bit excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!