20 September 2007

my boys...

splish splash...the two of them had such a blast in the tub! michael loved to watch owen play. he even let owen wipe suds on his face and splash all over him. too cute! michael really loves this little guy...
things are very busy. with the store closing, i don't have too many days left of work but i've taken on cooking dinner three nights a week for a friend. and still being at the store along with cooking takes a lot of planning. of course, i wouldn't have it any other way. i cannot not be busy. i mean, what would i do?
i found this for owen at wally world today. he's going to be our little happy cow from tx for halloween:

"Please, no more..." --I'm sure he's saying that! gotta love the tail too:

anyway, that's about all i have time for. soccer practice, make dinner, and clean up the huge mess i made trying to clean out stuff and clean up. that really doesn't make any sense...i hope to have something creative to show you the next time i post. that doesn't mean i'm not going to post for a very long time, it means i'm actually going to scrapbook tomorrow night! yipppppeeeeeee!!!!!

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