08 September 2007

this guy really should win this...

don't know if you've been watching Last Comic Standing. mike's been watching it online and, now that we actually have a working tv, we get a good HD signal so he caught the final 3 performance with Lavell Crawford. i heard him cracking up the other night while i was reading to michael before bed...i finally got around to finding out why he was laughing so darn hard:

anyway, you can find all of his performances on you tube. just do a search under his name. he's the one who said, "Why you breathing so hard?"..."So I can live! What kind of question is that?"

too funny. michael had a bday party today at
jump-x-treme. mike took both boys as i worked all day today. quite a rush at the store from the ladies at the retreat, but no large purchases. i finished up the album and the layout for the ScrapPink Weekend thingy we're going to do. i'm waiting on a picture of me and my momma though before i post it on the store site and on here. the album won't have pics in it, just the layout. exciting stuff, i'm sure. but i had fun making it.

i have to tell you a story about a lady i know from the store. she comes in quite a bit (especially now that all her kids are in school). she told me a story before about the time she went to the bank, put her items and i.d. in the drive-thru tube then just drove off. well, the most recent story tops this bank one and also the lipstick story (which i haven't heard but, of course, cannot wait to!) and when i talk about her to mike (only good things--she's so funny and such a sweetheart) i refer to her as the lady who puts her stuff in the drive-thru and drives away...

anyway, the latest story is this:
she goes to get the oil changed in her truck. after that she's entitled to a free wash and dry. so she drives through the wash and then all the guys come out and tackle her truck to dry it down. they finish and she pulls from the lot and out into the street. at the first stoplight just out of the lot, she stops then, when it turns green, shreeks away from her tires being wet. she hears this loud "ba-boom-boom" behind her...she actually drove off with one of the cleaning guys in the bed of the truck! couldn't you just die!!! how funny is that? my friend/boss told me that last night at the store (it was very late--which makes it even funnier) and, she also said that she probably didn't hear him in the back of the truck because she had just purchased a disco cd from wal-mart and had it turned up pretty loud. too darn funny!

other news:
ate lunch with my sweetie thursday at school. brought him jack in the box so i didn't pack him a lunch. i didn't tell him i was coming and that was probably a mistake. he seemed a little scared when he saw me while walking in line in the hall. he asked me where his lunch was. but he got over it when he figured out i brough him curly fries. owen was there with us, but he was a little stinky, so we kind of just let him look around at everything from his stroller...just out of nose reach.oh, and owen likes to swing his arms when i feed him. result:
i know...yes, i had to feed him his lunch in the car yesterday. i was running errands all day and he got hungry. this kid eats 3 jars of food each sitting. he also pulled up in his crib today to standing. i missed it again, of course. i was walking the dog who never poops. i swear we're going to run out of planet before he finds the exact right spot.

later kids. another party tomorrow. at
cabela's. far away but should be a ton of fun!

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