19 July 2007

they suck, but...

i finished 27 pages the other night to stick in my scrapbook. the pictures are down on the paper and the story is written. and i'm finally almost done with 2005.

the gomes is recovering nicely. he has fleas bad though and the stuff is not working because his bath was too long ago i guess. poor thing. he gets his stitches out on saturday.

this is the side where he had his tube. i can't believe he let them take it out without knocking him out first. his left shoulder looks similar to this one. poor guy. and that green tape on his leg we were supposed to take off last wednesday. but you know how that goes. we can't even get near it.

anyway, he's doing ok. a little itchy and annoyed by the lamp shade. but he's getting around quite well, considering.

mike and his mom and dad took the kids to the peach festival on the 14th. michael had his face painted:

he looks so strange. like his face is really short. he was so excited though. and dad bought him a gun. not really. kind of like the ewok sling-shot except that it fires ping-pong balls. it's carved out of wood. it's pretty cool. it stays at grandma's house though, so he can use it in the back yard. i would have kept it here for dog walking but the ping-pong balls probably wouldn't do as much damage as the big metal pipe i've been carrying around these days.

not much going on today. hoping to have one of michael's friends come over to play and swim. just cleaning the house...a good cleaning. haven't done that in a while. includes scrubbing the lint and gunk off the baseboards using a toothbrush. i tried just wiping them but the paint is prickly so you can't get in there without some spray cleaner and a brush. but they sure do look pretty! and, if you go room to room, there really aren't that many of them. michael thought i was weird and got mad because i used his old toothbrush!

that's about all for today. maybe i'll do some creating this weekend. feeling a little better than i was last week, so, maybe!

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