15 July 2007

i have decided...

to just let it go!

feeling a little un-inspired and much under the creative weather these past two weeks, i have decided to just plain old 'catch up' on my scrapbooking. no fancy stuff...just get the two years worth of pictures i have stored at Walgreen's into a book. quick journaling, dates, a few thoughts and feelings (i have an unbelievable memory), use up the stash and get on to the new stuff where i can really bust out the good stuff.
plus, my old pictures are just not very good. i've become a little more aware of photography lately. and by 'aware', i simply mean that i'm not only looking at the subject but also the surroundings. i truly have some super cute pictures of michael during his pre-K years (and perhaps i will do those pictures up right) but we lived in that yucky old place and it seems all the pics were ruined simply because of what's in the background!

up until jan 2007, my scrapbooks are pretty much michael's yearbooks...fancy, CM'd to hell or not...they are all his. i don't know that i'll be able to say that about owen. outlook is not good for a separate owen baby book. sorry child. michael never had his own either. i mean, the first year of his life is an installment of our family scrapbook (that is all we did that year!)

anyway, i'm sure that's some super exciting stuff. my first child (the furry one) has a very good appetite but is really nursing his right leg, much more than the one seemingly more injured. i think it may have to do with the drainage tube in there. we'll have that taken out for him on monday night. a little late, but they won't do it on Sunday. losers.

and did you hear? China is going to make their own weather! how exciting! they should do such a wonderful job at that!

mike is leaving me! for a subbuteo tournament! how can he do this? with all that's going on? no, really i'm very excited for him. i mean, i did leave him for almost a whole month to visit my family. he's very excited too...but maybe just a little more than i am (he wanted some special shoes so he can play better). huh? i wish i had a picture of him demonstrating his flicking moves with these new shoes on. what a goober! he's been working on his league's website all week long...i think it looks pretty nice. he made the logo and everything. don't ask me what's up with that picture of our first President dressed up as superman...strange.

later kids.

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