02 June 2007

finally got some work done...

at the store today! i was there all day and defrosted the mini fridge (it was crazy frozen and yucky), filled in the chalkboard wall calendar, helped customers, showed invites, and created! here's what i made for the store today:

these were so much fun to make! i wish that i had larger pics of Owen...the pic on the far left is actually facing the wrong way. oh well. still looks cute, i think!

so much for watching '24' online...it will have to wait until i get back from my momma's. poor mike. i hope, though, that he doesn't watch Heroes without me! i got kind of hooked on that and now i'm leaving.
i almost died the other day (of embarrassment). you can ask anyone i know how frustrated i am about the illegal immigrant situation. so, needless to say, i have a few choice phrases i like to use (no cursing, just some things i comment on often) mostly while i'm driving. so...thursday morning, michael, owen and i were at the drive thru getting my daily Chicken Express diet coke and we get up to the window and Michael says (very loudly), "It sure is nice to have someone at the window who speaks English for a change!" i didn't know what to say. i mean he was right and all...but he's 5! and it's not like if it was someone who couldn't speak well would understand anyway, right?

we had a super yummy meal last night for mike's mom's bday. we went to his family's restaurant El Fenix. i ended up not even ordering any food because we ordered three plates of nachos for appetizers and there were enough left for me to have as a meal. and then we had the best chocolate cake i've had in a very long time from this bakery in ft. worth. it was awesome. anyway, on the drive to the restaurant (which was very speedy--mike's dad drove like 80 on the interstate) michael was making owen laugh:

that's about all. i have a lot of packing to do these next few days and we are supposed to go to mike's aunt's lake house tomorrow and take the boat out. i hope i at least get to ride on the thing. i'd hate to sit out there at the lake all day doing nothing while i could be home packing. but, whatever.

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Kimberly White said...

Love those baby projects! And your boys are cuties! Glad you get to have some fun this week! Kim