05 June 2007

oh, bum!

so, i should be on a plane right now but...i called just after leaving the house to find out my gate info and MY FLIGHT WAS CANCELLED!!!! they said because of the weather...(???) ummm, it's sunny here and there. anway, can you say, "%$#@!#%@#%!" anyway, i can't get another flight out until 4pm! and i've been up since 5:30 getting everybody ready. what a pain in the butt.

well, maybe i just wasn't meant to get on that particular flight. we went out for breakfast since there is absolutely no food in the house. mike said not to bother getting anything (because he will be at his mom's the 3 weeks that i'm gone). soo....to kill some time we acted silly behind the store and took a bunch of pictures and michael played with a fire ant bed--well, he threw rocks at it until i yelled at him. how can i yell at this face?

and now i'm here blogging. trying to find a picture to post. maybe michael and his 12-gun blaster. he makes these out of legos and adds different 'sticky-outy things' to make up each blaster. this one has 12 on it, i think. and, i was in the bedroom and he was out playing on the table. he told me to come out and look. he had built the word 'LEGO' out of legos. what a clever little child.

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Kimberly White said...

That's crappy about the flight! Good thing you called before you got there! Have a happy day - and what a cutie you have there! Kim