01 June 2007

i am so not ready for this...

michael will start kindergarten this august. i went to an 'area development meeting' tonight. they're opening up a whole new shopping plaza right across the street from the school, opening a new road which will link to the interstate access road, eliminating much of the drop off/pick up parking...you name it.

so they ask for our questions (which we had to write on a sticky note and put on a board--what the f?) then don't answer them anyway. another waste of taxpayer money on about 500 sticky notes.

the new roads, while they won't be complete before school starts but will begin opening shortly after school starts, will not have a signal light right away...why the heck not? so i ask. 'they have to meet certain criteria before they'll put one in. but it's a school zone, so it shouldn't be that big of a deal to meet those criteria.' ok. the criteria is called a kid getting hit by a car and we all know how that goes...hindsight is 20/20 but foresight is plain old common sense...hello?!!!??? and why won't the stop-light be installed right away?

then the parking. they expect me to park across the street, unload a stroller, and walk a 4 month old and a kindergartner across a four way intersection next to a shopping plaza four times a day. oh Lordie...and don't even get me started on the school supplies. michael's name will be plastered and marked on every inch of everything i buy. oh, man...so not ready.


Kimberly White said...

I'm with you .... why can't they do something before hand ... there is a VERY dangerous area where I work that we have asked for about 3 years for them to change, and will they? Probally not until one us gets hurt. ANd there is an intersection in my parent's city where 3 pedestrians have been either maimed or killed in the last year, and will they put up a light? not untill further study. Okay, now I'm furious. I'd better stop.

On brighter notes... I hope you have a wonderful day with your babes! Kim

Corey said...

Hi Karen
here's that link to where you can see 24 online.

Good luck with the city and the school. sounds crazy! My oldest starts school next year. I'm already freaking!
Have a good weekend!