22 October 2007

mike is making stuff...

it's late but i'm still up...wanting to scrapbook and wishing i had the lady's number mike works with; i'd call her and tell her to get on making some more of that cheesecake she was so kind to share with us today. it was very tasty.

anyway, i'm looking at a plate with an apple on it. that's what mike is making. apple potpourri...the apple has been sitting here for a few days now, getting all dried up. funny though, i guess they add apple fragrance to dried apples b/c dried apples don't smell like anything. haven't sat down here in a few days, hence the dried up apple still sitting here waiting for me to pick it up (nobody else will).

took some pics of my cuties today.

could they be any sweeter? but enough bragging! have to take mich to school tomorrow, come home to feed owen and walk the gomes, go walk with aimee, purchase some storage for ms. tree, then come back home and finish up my decor projects for my home. should be an ok day.

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