26 October 2007

strong man...

well, it's all in the technique...

he did another one before this one that was larger, but slightly thinner and he was able to tear that one all in one rip! how funny! he was inspired by watching that new Uri Gellar show (which i wasn't really impressed with...more fun to watch mike tear the phone book).

anyway, today was a good day. finally got myself a new pair of sneakers. my mizunos from my 2004 half marathon have finally bit it. well, they're still in good shape, a little flat...but they reek!!!! pretty bad. not really big on the new nikeys but that's all they had without going to ft. worth (i hate doing that anymore). nice that all these new places are going to be opening up soon. maybe by early next spring. maybe i'll even get a job. although i really can't beat the cooking and cleaning job i have now for ms. tree. 10 hours a week...pays great...can't beat it.

mike and michael are playing mike's gee-tar...which is fine but owen is stirring. he has a really bad diaper rash (teething and the mango fruit dessert he ate). took a lot to get him calmed down. and then gomey...oh lordie...he's all wound up. the doggie upstairs is in heat and she comes and pees on our plants outside our back porch. gomey is in a constant state of whine...he really needs some help, if you know what i mean.

anyway, no scrappin' tonight. i'm going to continue working on the MOMS club site for the local chapter here. hopefully have it done for monday.

big soccer day tomorrow. going to mich's soccer game at which he'd better be scorin' some serious goals...then it's off to frisco for a playoff game between fc dallas and houston. our first in a while. should be fun!!!

check out my new creative blog...that sounds so fun...i've finally added a project!

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