09 October 2007

Down to the Crossroads...

yes, that is what he is listening to and playing air guitar to...Cream. one of dad's picks from the ipod. "Mom, can you please play my new favorite song off dad's part?" he says as we pull into the driveway. then we have to sit there and wait. notice the soda. mini cans. thanks, soda people. now he just wants to drink 16 oz. instead of just 12 oz. and thanks, grandma for introducing him to dr. p and coke. nice.

anyway, busy day for doing a whole bunch of nothing. i really wanted to create today but all my stuff is at misshwee's house from last friday. can't wait to go this friday. heck, it's only monday. oh well. i have to go there tomorrow to drop off 24 corn muffins for miss n. for wednesday's school project (?).

no other updates. just that my boys are cuter today than they were yesterday. and it looks like mich will be out for the better part of the season with his toe. ew. it's so yucky. you know that commercial where the little fungus guys lift up the nail and crawl under? it's like that just without the fungus part. poor little fella. doc said there's nothing to do for him except to remove his toe. jk. no, really. she said just keep it clean; too much of the nail is still connected. so, next time he gets attacked by a door, it had better rip the nail clean from his body rather than let it linger there by a few threads. nice.

yum. corn muffins!

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