07 October 2007

cleaning day...

it's sunday...so it's wal-mart and cleaning day. i have a big list of 'new' things i want to purchase for the house:

mixing bowls
lamps and bedspread for the master bedroom
different decor, towels, etc for mich's bathroom
ottoman with storage (so we can ditch our coffee table) and tv stand for the living room

our bedspread is shot and dry cleaning is just not something i do. it's torn too, so...

anyway, i picked up my last paycheck friday from the store. still no locks on that sucker, so maybe i'll swing by and take some completely empty pics. there were still a few items that a lady came by to pick up on friday. this lady plans on opening a new store between azle and springtown. she was supposed to purchase all of jana's inventory and supplies, but refused to take the dirt-cheap offer jana gave and decided to do it on her own. good luck, chica! once she gets to purchasing, she'll wish she had taken it. especially with all the dies and machines. that crap is expensive.

ooh, how could i forget! went to do my usual lunch with mich on thursday and went to jack in the box at 10:20 like i do (only place open with lunch that early--and he loves the curly fries). anyway, some lady threatened to shoot me in the face while i was in the drive-thru. i guess she thought i was 'zooming into the parking lot'. which i wasn't. i had stopped to figure out what she was doing, and when she didn't move, i tried to go around her. then she pulled back in front of me to go up to the speaker. she stopped and i thought nothing of it. she got out of her car and proceeded to yell at me, telling me that she had a newborn in the car and i don't just come zooming into the parking lot like that. i had my window down and was like whatever. but then she came over to my car and started hitting it, then to my window and almost poking me in the face and yelling at me that she wished she had a gun so she could shoot me in the face. i couldn't think. i didn't know what to do. i had to move away b/c she almost poked me in the face. i finally realized that i should roll my window up. she was telling me to get out of the car and that she would (mess) me up. she got back in her car, ordered her food and i ordered mine. while waiting for our orders, she opened her window again and started yelling again about shooting me.

can you say psycho? she had some serious issues. at first i didn't think anything of it but when she came over to the car and i saw her face, i could tell she was not all there. her eyes were vacant. she was raging mad at something and i think i just set her off.

i got a picture of her car and plates, but nothing else. she was not 'wt' either. nice car, nicely dressed. she had just snapped. and scared the crap out of me!

anyway, that was thursday...the same day mike lost a crown and the day after michael just about ripped his toe off with our front door. but, if that's the worst that things get, that's ok.

guess i'd better get to work. took this a bit ago of little man. and no i will not cut his hair yet! he's just too little!!!here we are loading up to bring michael to school:

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