03 October 2007

bye old friend...

this sucks. the last 'official' day was friday, but today and yesterday we cleaned everything out and inventoried the last of the goods. bum. oh well. i was heading back home from groceries tonight and wanted to get a soda and go pee before i drove home...but i had nowhere to sit and sip then sit and...well, you know. b/c the water was turned off on monday. so sad. oh well, a window will open somewhere. hopefully it is scrapbook related. hmmm....maybe if i'd actually sit down and scrapbook, i might get somewhere! maybe next year i will be able to make my move to an online store? a brick and mortar store--or around here, metal...

whatever. busy day tomorrow, or should i say today. why the heck am i up again? so late!!! i'm just not tired. and i'm getting nervous about all kinds of things. especially next year's presidential election. be prepared people...and be afraid...be very afraid. dems get in office and do things that just can't be undone. so get to grass rootin' and get all your friends to vote 'right', even if it's only b/c they suck less than the other candidate.

don't really want to get going on that. have some pics to post. found this on some t-shirt website. can't remember what movie this is from...but i think wedding crashers? and it had a 'you' in front of it.

how silly.

oh, and a quick Chuck Norris Fact:

Chuck Norris is so fast, he can run around the world and punch himself in the back of the head.

i have to cook for missshwee tomorrow. i also have to file some gosh darn files!!!! i have piles and piles of paper. my friend was right. but, if i hadn't waited until after school started to purchase and put togther our filing cabinet, i might have been ok. i have one year's worth of bills and papers to file. can't i just shred them all except for mich's school work? would that be wrong?

mike's cuz works for the city and he said there are some job openings? can you say pretty darn excited? we so need those government bennies. that would make a world of difference instead of paying monthly prems on health insurance. that sucks. and the worst is, i don't have the first clue about when we're paying for. i just thank God every night that we are all healthy. then i ask him why he had to create ragweed or whatever is taking over my nose and throat.

anyway, better get to sleepy. sorry no pics. my camera is in my pocketbook and i really don't feel like going to get it!

later dudes!

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