25 September 2007

another day...another dollar

and i will have to find another source for that dollar well, not really. i already have several prospects lined up and one already working for me. thanks, missshwee... hope she is off the toilet. i made her salmon. and i know she will really appreciate that i wrote this. oh, and another thanks to missshwee for throwing my name to this place, for which i will now design/maintain a website.

only two more working days left. ick. what will i do? i was telling my friend today that i guess maybe it hasn't hit me yet, but i'm used to this sort of change, being a former Army Korean linguist. i guess. going somewhere one year, then to Korea the next...like 85 million moves over 7 years. you get used to new peeps all the time. you hang onto the ones who really matter, even if they never keep in touch, you still consider them your bestest friends.

maybe the store closing means i'll actually have more time to scrapbook? but no place to actually do it now? my dining room table will no longer be used for eating meals i never cook? that's not true. i am, however, going to start eating like
this. i have to do something. i'm getting old. i can't keep eating crap all the time. my body is starting to look like what i eat. and feel like it too.

i so need to change my uggo blog banner, too. i'm tired of it. need some fresh new colors from here. i have no clue if that link will actually work, but i think it's right.

why can't the little fella do this with me? huh? is it too much to ask? i guess that's fine b/c michael informed me that he loves to cuddle with me. i so need to record that. just so that when he's 12 and i try to, i can remind him.

why the hell am i still awake? i'm super busy tomorrow. wouldn't have it any other way though b/c what the heck would i do all day? change my blog colors?

a new addition to my blog posts. once a week maybe:

fact of the day:
When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris.

(I think my niece Sarah will appreciate this one. She used to watch Walker, Texas Ranger when she was little. She asked her Mom one time while i was there if she could watch it. i looked at my sis kind of puzzled and she just said, "eh. she likes Chuck Norris." and now that silly little girl is in her first year of college. yipes!)

and could i add a random 'so' right here just b/c?

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