23 September 2007


just having some fun with the little guy! everyone wants to cut his hair...i know he does need a haircut but, come on! he's so darn cute! and he'll look all grown up with a little boy haircut and i'm just not ready for that yet. and neither is he, really. he can't sit still in a chair to feed him! forget about getting near him with scissors. only a few more months and he'll be a year old...gosh, that went fast!

anyway, michael had an awesome game on saturday. best he has ever played. we were so proud of him. he scored two goals and saved like 7 or 8...he really did an awesome job helping out his team, too. hope he keeps it up and doesn't get bored!

he has a friend in his class who also plays on his soccer team and we just found out yesterday that another boy in his class lives in our building! the two of them played in mich's room for about 2 hours today, then he went over there to play. they had a really fun time. then when i went to get michael, the little boy asked if michael could come back at 1:00. i told him it was already almost 6pm and if he meant in the morning. he did mean in the morning b/c at 1:00 tomorrow, he informed me, they'd both be in school. smarty pants.

anyway, that's about all for today. just been busy reorganizing the house. we've accumulated quite a bit of stuff since we moved here and i'm trying to clean out closets and organize files. it's not working and not getting a whole bunch done. tomorrow starts my last week of work at the store. then i don't know what i'll do! :( try to stay home and not spend too much money, i guess. we all know how that goes. oooh, i'm sleepy!!!

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