04 September 2007

Busier during the day...with less kids?!

How on earth am i busier now that michael is in school? i feel like i'm running around all day long, non-stop and i only have one child to run after now. what's up? i haven't been able to do any creating or scrapbooking really since the retreat. that was like two weeks ago!
anyway, my oldest little child is becoming quite the little photog: he snapped this one of the cat in the tree. some annoying (and too large to be living in our apartment complex) dog chased him up there. don't really have a clue how he got down. or how he was even hanging on to those little skimpy branches. michael asked me if he could take a pic and this is what he came back with!
and could these little eyeballs be any bigger or any bluer? this little fella is looking more and more like michael every single day: he pulled up to standing while in his crib the other day. i was walking the gomes and missed it. mike said that once owen did it, the poor kid was so excited but had no idea what to do. he hasn't done it since! he tried to tonight on the dining room chair. i peeked around the bar while doing dishes and saw his little eyeballs peering back. his little fingers were hanging on the seat. he was thinking about it but then he just disappeared. he sits up well now, but he still falls over a ton. too funny.
i guess that's about it. working on michael's sight-words...again...we had them all down at the beginning of the summer and now it seems like we're starting all over again. but that's fine. i was beginning to wonder when they were actually going to do some work in that school of his! he also told me that he has computer #8 in the lab. cutie.

i called 911 the other day. was driving home from the wally mart and realized i had popped the trunk but didn't actually put any groceries in it (so i never actually closed it--another item to add to the list of the stupid things i find myself doing now that i have two kids). anyway, took the nearest exit and saw a little kid, no older than michael, just walking all by himself on the interstate ramp. i had to turn around and go down about two miles before the next exit so that i could get back to him. no cops and no child either. it was about 8 minutes total from the time i called to the time i returned to where i had seen him. i pray to God that the little boy is ok.

i have to go. i'm exhausted. work tomorrow, calls to make, sight-words to practice, etc. etc....i'm squishing owen's head with my typing. he's on my lap sound asleep.

hope everyone has a great day tomorrow!

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