30 August 2007

first day pics...second day and first tooth

1st day picture taken at his school...he's now a 'Gator'!

Michael lost his first tooth yesterday morning...his second day of school. The first tooth that came in 5 1/2 years ago was the first one to go. Also, this morning, I noticed the second tooth that came in ready to come out! Big changes these days for my little boy!

he was quite upset yesterday morning though about his tooth. he looked quite sad (probably shocked at the site of blood). i didn't even know it was loose. it came out when i brushed his teeth and i thought, man, i must have brushed pretty hard! then on the way to school, he cried and said, "I can't go to school with missing teeth, ma!" but he got over it.

he seems to like school. i think having some 'old friends' there helps. kimber is there (the daughter of my friend from the scrapbook store) and kit is, too (he's from michael's mom's day out class). neither of them are in his class but they are right next door and they get to play during recess.

owen went to the doc today. 17 1/2 pounds and 4 or 5 shots. and some weird rotavirus drink they give now.

after school today, michael had a chocolate chip cookie (hoping to get that other tooth out) and tried to coax owen to crawl into the laundry basket:
having a little brother must be fun...

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