26 August 2007

School tomorrow

my little boy starts kindergarten tomorrow. i cannot believe it. i don't think i'm going to take it all that well.

tonight we read mr. wani again then he wanted me to put on scooby doo's merry scary christmas dvd. i was excited that he always goes back to scooby doo. :)

he's decided on a sponge bob bday party. don't know what we're going to do but i'm mailing out the invites tomorrow.

i was at a scrapbook retreat all weekend at this place. i left friday night and came back about 11:00 this morning. i really felt bad about leaving michael his last weekend as a non-school kid...but my boss from the store paid for my spot and i didn't think it would be a big deal about me going until i got there and realized that i missed him terribly and wanted nothing but to go home. granted, i really did have a bunch of fun and got plenty of pages done. but i really missed the little fella and owen too. i'm thinking of becoming a room mom for his class. the teacher said they don't mind having other little ones around (owen) so i think i might do it on the days i'm not at the store.

that's about it for tonight. no daily something today...just a pic from us reading our bedtime story:
have to get up way early b/c i have to be ready before everyone else, of course!

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