24 August 2007

last day...

i have to work tomorrow and michael starts school on monday, so today was our last 'official' day alone together as mom and pre-schooler. i'm sad and a little scared for him but very excited. i know he will do so very well. i hope that i did right by him all these years at home and that i taught him how to act towards others, not because his teachers will think i'm a moron, but because i don't want him to come home with any knocked out teeth.

anyway, today was just like any other. did a little of this and that. he got his daily dose of online cartoon network while i did housework, we played legos, went to lunch with friends, went to the park, got a cherry dr. pepper and an ice cream from sonic, checked the mail, made fun of owen's little hiney, watched drake & josh, ate chocolate chip cookies...all that good stuff.

tomorrow we will drop off his school supplies and meet his teacher. i cannot believe 6 years has gone so quickly.

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