21 August 2007

library and other stuff

i worked today. spent most of it making little gift bag tags for a wedding. also did quite a bit of cleaning and organizing before that request came in. the boys were very good today. owen slept for most of my shift and michael worked in his books, watched a movie and played on the puter. he also played with owen on the mat when owen woke up.

i took michael to the library for the first time to get his library card and actually use it. he's old enough and ready to start kindergarten on monday...so i thought that he would like that. the first book he picked out was 'dog'...just some generic book about all types of dogs and stuff they can do...as soon as we walked down that first stack of books, that's the first thing he saw. some girl came and took it out of his hands though. but we checked it out. little snot.
here's the little cutie with his stack of books:
Mr. Wani by Kanako Usui--we've already read this one about 9 times... Just Big Enough and All By Myself by Mercer Mayer and some dog dictionary book.

michael ate corn and mashed potatoes tonight for the first time ever. any of you who know michael know that it is a huge feat to get him to eat something other than steak, chicken, pizza, or some type of fruit snack, aka sugar. it was rough and lots of tears were shed by the little guy, but he did it. you'd think we were trying to poison him with the show he put on. but his whole eating routine must end. he is too picky and will not do well once he starts school without good food in his belly. owen ate more than michael did today, if you want to know how poor is michael's appetite. tomorrow we're having linguine and clams for dinner...that should be a fun one!

another good day...too flippin' hot, but another good day!

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