16 August 2007

crazy day

today, the 2 minutes that are left as i type, has been a crazy one. had every intention of getting an early start, picking up a present for a party on saturday while getting the oil changed, coming home to clean until 3pm, taking michael to a birthday party (lots of parties these days).

well, we did get up early, did get the present and did get to the party on time (even before the party throwers got there)... but the oil change thing just didn't happen. i see now the joys of owning a volkswagen. german cars and stores filled with lead-laced goodies from china don't mix. but i did finally get an inspection because i just love to spend $40 on something that 100% of the you-know-who's don't purchase at all!

but, luckily i have a cute little boy who does silly things, even when i'm not at my very best, to cheer me up! truly a sweet-heart, both of them. thank you God for giving me such happy, healthy boys.

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