07 August 2007

howdy tuesday...

michael took this picture of owen yesterday in the car:

he's quite the little photographer.

he keeps asking me when his birthday going to start. he wants an Underdog theme this year.

not much going on today. have to pick up pictures of the dog that attacked gomey. he was on our property again a few days ago and mike got some pictures of him. the owners came to pick him up. i wish mike had snapped a few of the owners, but he didn't get them. also, today i'm digging through some old papers trying to collect stuff for my class on saturday with donna downey. i can't wait! she's coming to a store in colleyville, so i signed up for the class. she's a big scrapbooking celebrity and i'll get to have my picture taken with her! yippee!

anyway, made some more of those awesome wal-mart cookies last night. they're almost all gone. we're all big fans of them around here, so they don't last very long.

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