11 August 2007

Creative with Donna

that sounds weird...but anyway, i took a class at the scrapbook store in colleyville this morning. my first truly official scrapbook class. (i'm not counting the one at GASC where they over-booked the Rusty Pickle class).

It was just too much fun and must keeps tabs on Donna Downey because as soon as she comes back to texas, i'll be at her class. reading her blog the last few days before the class, she is no different than those words. sweet, funny, and very inspiring...to be "perfect just the way you create." and all the ladies at the scrapbook pad were just awesome!

i'll post my project when i complete it...hopefully that will be very soon. i'm still itching with creativity from this morning. for now, here are our mugs:
Thanks, Donna!

and a little of this afterwards made for a perfect saturday morning:

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