02 July 2007

i want this...

i found this blog while clicking around the internet...wow! i would kill for this set up! well, not quite kill, but you know what i mean! laura, we have so got to do this someday! i could live in this joint...


hmmm...maybe i'll just move to Houston? no, not really.

anyway, michael didn't want to go to school today (mom's day out). so he stayed with his G-ma and she took him to Wallymart. he is also spending the night there again. he was too funny the other day. first thing when he woke up, he came in to give me a hug and then went off to clean his room--he got a gift card from his Aunt Sally to Target and got a few new goodies on Friday night. it was late when we got back and i told him he couldn't bust out his new toys until he cleaned up his room--so...he came out about 15 minutes later and said he was finished. i went in and he had stuffed all his toys under his bed! i was a little ticked but it was just too cute. he put some things away but he said he had to put certain things under his bed because there wasn't enough room in the bins. what a cutie! and that also means it's time to clean out the bins again--too many toys!

owen went to work with me and for like the eighth time in four days someone thought he was a girl. i mean, he is pretty, but come on! i always put him in something blue...to match those big blue eyes and make that blond hair shine. it is getting a little long but he's too little for a cut yet. he's fighting sleep right now in his new bed. we set up michael's crib b/c owen is just too big for the bassinet now. but he seems so little and lost in this big old crib! he manages to roll on every inch of it though!

that's about all for today. i'm in a creative slump since i've been back. and i have to buy groceries tomorrow and get the vw inspected (what a joke---money maker) and get the oil changed. later, dudes!

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