03 July 2007

*Scrapjacked Alison Flynn*

i can't remember the last time i cut the subject out of a picture! i think it was back in the CM days! this was really fun and of course i had the perfect paper for it. i wish the rest of the title (the "hey ma! look at my..." part) was more visible but i didn't have anyhthing else.
the pic was taken at my sister's house during our visit last month. we heard all this banging around and went up in the bonus room to find michael jumping on the air mattress and kicking the punching bag. he said, "look at my sweet moves ma!" and he kept doing it over and over and over again.
anyway, thanks for the inspiration and thanks for looking!


april said...

very nice page! you did a great job on this scrapjack!

Rebecca said...

How cute! Love the layout, especially the title. :)

staceyfike said...

cool jack thanks for playin!!