29 June 2007

i'm home!

wew.. and a lot of work to do; cleaning, unpacking, catching up on papers/bills/mail, etc. i am so glad though that i didn't get that wednesday or thursday flight out because when i got to dallas i saw all this luggage piled up with no place to go! :( i'd absolutely hate to be without my luggage. i mean, you pack so you can basically 'live away from home' and to be without that? yikes!

anyway, we all made it here safe. our little prayer before take-off worked. thank you, God! and the people at the airport were so very nice to us this morning in raleigh. they even let me cut in front of the security checkpoint lines. sorry for those of you whom i cut. but really, if i didn't get to do that, i'd probably still be in raleigh waiting for a flight out...it was packed there, even at 5am!!!

the house wasn't too messy when i arrived as mike spent most of the three weeks at his mom's. he ate her out of house and home, i'm sure they got stuck watching soccer and weird movies for the whole month, too. just lots of laundry and dusting to do mostly. gomey was certainly happy to see us. he looks so tiny now because i got used to coco and charlie (my sister's two chocolate labs).

glad to be back but of course i started missing my family before i even left. that sucks.

i also have some scrapbooking to do! unpubbed has an 'interim' challenge that i can't wait to do, scrapjacked will post on the 1st and one little word is due soon as well! and i have to work tomorrow, too! but i can't wait to get back to the store and get back in the groove.

ttfn! no pics. haven't unpacked my portable memory thingy yet. and i really don't know what bag i shoved it in. wouldn't that suck!


Corey said...

hey Karen
Glad you made it home safe and sound!
I don't think there's a deadline for the unpubbed challenge today. let me get with the other girls and get back to you! :o)

Kimberly White said...

Glad you're home Karen! And my husband hangs out at his Mom's when I'm gone too! The challenge is just for fun on unpubbed -no deadline! Have a great day dusting and getting reaquainted with being at home! Kim