13 July 2007

it's definitely the 13th

wow. what a day. first it started out with gomey's wound bleeding. ok, so maybe i'm not so smart. but i've never had to deal with this type of thing before. he has a drainage tube in one of his wounds. he tried to turn around while sitting to lick his backside and with the e-collar on...he pulled way to hard and the blood started pouring out from the top of one wound. i freaked.

it was 9:00. had the kids ready to go to work by 10. i loaded everybody up and tried to get gomey into the car. the neighbor came out and saw me all upset and told me that the leakage was normal. she said as long as it wasn't swelling or seeping green that he was fine. she calmed me down...way down. i thought stuff was supposed to come out of the tube...so you can see how i was a bit wigged. anyway, i never said i took A&P, only cell phys. no external seepage in cell phys. i left gomey at home.

anyway, hope you're not reading this during dinner time.

the store was CRaZy!!! i was behind the register from 10:10 to almost 1:30. i had a few minutes to make michael a hot dog and make a bottle for owen to feed michael. no time for boobage today. when it calmed down a little, i even had to ask two ladies if they minded if i went to the bathroom!

i had to run to the gas station after the store (michael loves going to the gas station to get a snack) and on the way out i was waiting behind a lady (with no blinker) to pull out. what she was waiting for i have no idea; both lanes were clear to pull out...wait...i know what she was waiting for! she was waiting to back up right into me! FreAK!!! i was so ticked. and she kept backing up! i could feel her big old truck pushing on the car while i was laying on the horn the whole time. i backed up and got out. nothing bad, just a dent on the plate. then she gets out...this super old lady. "i couldn't even see you behind me!" and i thought, well i guess you didn't hear me either beep the horn as soon as you put your truck in reverse gear. anyway, i had no time for this garbage. no damage done. i had to go to the post office to send a certified letter (to the people whose dog attacked gomey) then get home to check on the gomes.

i was worried about him all day. thinking he had torn all his stitches out. i was a mess. but, i got home and he was just sitting there all stitched up and in his lamp shade, wagging his tail. what a sweetie.

so, what a nice post. but it is friday and the week from hell is almost over. now off to play trouble with michael.

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shmoggy said...

Aw man! I hate days like that! I'm glad the gomes is ok and your car didn't take too much of a beatin'! Tomorrow will definitely be better...sheesh, how could it not be! =)