27 June 2007

ok...not home yet!

too much rain!!! our flight got cancelled and too much waiting on the phone to book a new flight pushed us all the way to a friday a.m. departure! so...i'm at my sister's house until friday. and it's still supposed to rain all through the weekend. wow!

so, we're just hanging out, eating popcorn, watching tennis (laura and jim are big tennis fans--they comment on tennis matches like mike would comment on a soccer or football game), snacking on stuff. and i really need to go home because i've been eating everything in sight. i guess i'm filling up on the stuff i can't get/prepare at home either because i can't find it or i'm the only one who'll eat it.
i found this picture on my sister's computer and i can't wait to get a print and hang it up. we're not sure where it was taken, but we're thinking it's from the local hilo, hi golf course in '93 or '94. but i love it!

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Kimberly White said...

Enjoy your last day with your family! Have a safe flight home! Kim