13 June 2007

i didn't do my howdy tuesday post...

so, how about howdy wednesday? i talked my momma into going with me to Archiver's store on friday. i guess i over-estimated my mom's interest in scrapbooking. but that's ok. she has replaced that desire with her painting. and she said she's sure she'll find something there to buy anyway. and, she doesn't mind painting a pic or two while i mess up her table with my scrapbook stuff i bought. oooh...and i can't wait to go!

the weather here is nuts. it's almost like texas except that here the weather doesn't actually happen. like 2 minutes ago it was super sunny. now it's really windy and very dark, like it's going to rain. it did the same thing like 3 times yesterday, but it never did anything. weird.

not much else i want to talk about. i'm going to go play uno with michael and ma. later dudes!

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Kimberly White said...

Glad you are having fun at your Mom's! Hope you have a wonderful day! Kim