12 June 2007

bowling, arbying, dancing, and painting...

ma was the bowling champ with a 145. i came in second with a 110 and michael in third with an 86. but he did get a strike! first ever.then it was off to arby's...
a little dancing in the kitchen to mom's musical fridge magnets (momma and i always danced in the kitchen when i was growing up)..
michael painted this masterpiece pretty much all by himself. it's called "forest with a dinosaur with an eyeball in it". grandma showed him how to make the mountains and the trees and, with her lead, he did the whole thing!
this is my first attempt (well, actually second...i ditched the first 'beach scene') at acrylic painting. not too terribly bad. it was fun!
it was a good day yesterday. mom is off to her silver sneakers fitness group this morning. too funny. michael is still sleeping (with all his electronics--portable dvd player, radio and headphones, and scooby-doo flashlight) and owen, who has been up since 5:30 am talking, is now fast asleep in the bathroom in his bouncy chair. wow. i hope that doesn't mean he'll be up now at 4:30 when we get back to central time...really...when did this start? yikes!
so, i'm just hanging out typing on my blog, organizing some pictures and updating some things on momma's puter. i think i might run out of room on my portable drive with all the pics i've been taking.
maybe i'll go scrapbook now. of course, as soon as i get settled, everyone will wake up!

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Kimberly White said...

Looks like you are having a wonderful time! My little man dances to the musical magnets on our fridge too (and you can usually find me dancing too!) Love the art! Have a wonderful day! Kim