30 May 2007

blah, blah

not much going on today. just went to work, found there was only a pile of twenties in the drawer, sat in the bank line far too long for having only one other person in line, went back to work, owen crabbed, made a display page, argued with the credit card machine people, unpacked a few new goodies (including the new CK), ate lunch with pickle, looked through a magazine and picked out some ideas, made a sign, sucked up a bunch of ants dining on a frito...you know, typical wednesday stuff.

came home and saw delaney (not sure on how she spells it) walking by our window looking for michael. he was busy and she was already on her way back home. watched michael build like 800 megazords and 300 eight-gun blasters (don't know what those are) out of legos. sent michael outside with his soccer ball and delaney popped over to play.

fed our fish...why we have fish i don't know. mike brought them back from his mom's after he helped them unpack the camper and boat (on Monday)...they were bait and now they're on my kitchen counter in the dearly-departed triops' bowl. i fed them wheat thins. they're still alive. mike said they'd probably only last through the night...they're still alive. and you know me, i couldn't just let them die but was too cheap to go buy them fish food, thinking they wouldn't live for all that long, even with food...but they're still alive!
here's your dose of michael for wednesday:

blah...so without cable we have found ourselves searching for some summer tv entertainment. we picked up Heroes on the internet and watched the first two episodes tonight. can you say kind of gruesome? what's with the frozen dude missing the top of his head? anyway, good stuff. i was thinking we could catch up on the entire '4 days' (or however many seasons) of 24, but mike said fox doesn't put that one online to watch--at least not for free. i mean, if we wanted to pay we'd just get cable!

oh, i miss my 'Lost' and 'Smallville' peeps.

wanted to scrapbook tonight but i had to rub mike's feet all during Heroes so he would work on the store gallery for me. (luckily, shows are a lot shorter without all those commercials). i finally found the correct platform to use for the gallery but he'll have to manually install some scripts in the right place for it to work. hopefully, he'll feel up to it after work tomorrow and i'll have my gallery to work on over the weekend...ooh, that reminds me, i have to work on saturday.


Kimberly White said...

Hey you! My little man loves stamps too ... I went to grab the phone one day only to find him stamping all over one of my nearly completed layouts. Note to self ... don't leave Joel in my studio alone lol! I think you can rent 24 from the movie store - my sister did and she's hooked. I haven't started watching it because I'm hooked on Grey's. HAve a great day! Kim

Corey said...

Hey Karen
You know what? you can see 24 online for free. Well at least you could a few weeks ago. It's not directly through Fox, there's actaully a MySpace page that hosts episodes of 24, Bones, The War at Home and a few other ones. I'll post you the link if I can find it :)
Hope your having a good Thursday!-Corey