02 December 2007

what's it been?

like a week? i guess i could look at the date on the previous post. whatever. anyway, long week, short weekend. as usual. been busy with the etsy shop. mike thinks i'm nuts. we were discussing and he said, "why do they want to buy your stuff?" nice. thanks, hon! he didn't mean it that way but when he first said it, it was pretty funny.
michael had a cold this weekend. i think he is ok to go to school tomorrow. i hope. i can't deal with his whiney butt tomorrow all day. did i make him that way? i really don't know. he is sooo dramatic. mom, shut up! i know exactly what you're saying. how's that painting going?
i finished up my Christmas gifts. just a few last touches and i should be ready to go. i just have to make cards (hopefully tomorrow) and get to work using my zutter. do laundry. clean up messes, again.

pretty much done with Christmas shopping for the boys. except for Owen. so i guess i'm not. but what do i get him? spray for his butt. he stinks. poor little fella. smells like the hot-room in micro lab. i miss that smell :( too much fun. i felt so cool with my white coat on. oh well. owen needs to get big a little bit.

no more LSD...that stands for Lamp Shade Dog. Gomey is finally free of his lamp shade!!! after about 6 months. poor thing. i've decided that it has made him compeltely insane. he chewed for a bit, but he didn't go completely nuts, so we left it off. we figured he's got to make up for some of that lost time at least. he went right to work chewing his toe-nails. claws. whatever. silly, fluffy friend. what a dog!
i took the pics during my weekly lunch with mich at school. where we eat curly fries at 10:30 in the morning. have a good week peeps!

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