25 November 2007


Michael: "Mom, I'm hungry."

me: "OK, what do you want?"

Michael: "I can't get this thing to work." (don't know what he was doing here.)

Michael (about 10 minutes later): "Mom, I'm hungry. PLEASE FEED ME!!!. I want bacon and eggs."

me: "OK, just a minute."

Michael (about 10 mintues later): "Mom, I'm so hungry! I'm going to die CUZ YOU DON'T EVER FEED ME!!!"

I love that child. He is so gosh darn funny and weird and just completely out there. guess he takes after his momma.

here's another example:

the box is always more fun!

mich also bowled a 247 on Wii today. and, while he played quite a bit this weekend with the rest of the crew, he really doesn't play it all that much. 5 strikes in a row, 8 total.

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Greta said...

bwhahahaha your kids are the cutest!!
and your dog has a halo....hehehehe