18 December 2007


can't find my camera! mike is going to kill me! it's probably somewhere stupid like under the pile of papers on the counter or in owen's toy box.

and i really want it right now because mich and owen and playing in the kitchen togther throwing a whiffle ball back and forth. and then michael put it in the back of a little truck and pushed the truck to owen and then owen takes the ball out and puts it back in and tries to push the truck back to michael. soooo cute!!!

our house hunting did not go too well this past weekend. granted, we only looked at three houses. but that was enough to tell us that we want a brand new home. one that looks something like this:

or this (a 4 bedroom, so i can have a scrapbook room without the boys having to share a room--yes, if we only get a 3 bedroom, the boys will share a room. i will have a scrapbook room if we get a house.) forgive me...i'm a tad bit excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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