21 December 2007

Michael's Christmas party was today at school. They all had such a good time from the looks of things. they made a reindeer craft and an ornament, had a book exchange and then they ate Chick-Fil-A nuggets and fruit. well, mich didn't eat any fruit. it was mrs. c.'s last day as his teacher, too. so that was kind of sad. the new teacher seems pretty nice though. i hope she just doesn't try to change their routines in the middle of the year. anyway, it was all very cute! and the best part is each table, all on their own before they started eating, held each other's hands and bowed their heads. they didn't have anyone tell them to do it. and, even though they're all excited about getting presents, now i know that they all do really know what it's all about! what an amazing bunch of 5 and 6 year olds!

some more pics from today and one of our baby-tortured tree:

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