02 August 2007

so cute...

Michael finally got a pair of crocs yesterday. and he got the charms to go on them as well. he chose a lightning bolt (bc it looked like lightning mcqueen's) and a pirate flag with a skull and cross-bones. when he got home, he went outside to splash in the puddles. then he came back in and wanted to wash them. i told him to just go rinse them off in the tub. he came out about five minutes later with a wet shirt and soaking wet shorts...i asked what happened. he said, "it's a long painful story and i really don't want to talk about it." too funny. he wants to get more charms to put on them. "like six more, mom. ok?" we'll see. those things are not cheap.

bought owen a walker this morning. i like to hit target right when it opens, so that's what we did this morning. have to head to the store today to print out some more invites. they were all already done, but the customer had something to add to them, so i have to re-do them all! whatever.

anyway, i have another video of michael singing. i will post it as soon as i can figure out how to just take a few bits of the video. it is quite amusing. gomey is in it as well.

i've been back at creating. we put togther a summer page kit class for the store. so i went ahead and made the example layouts...here'a taste:

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