15 August 2007

howdy tuesday!

Well, i'm thinking by the little clock down on the right that it's really Wednesday. oh well. i was very tired today. had to sneak in naps here and there just to make it through today. i know why. didn't have a good b-fast, well, check that...didn't have any breakfast, no OJ and no vitamin either.
we did have an early start this morning. went to get shoes for michael to wear to school. he didn't want adidas. he wanted sketchers. didn't have his size. left store with nothing! try again another day. got a jibbitz for his crocs instead.
hit the dollar tree for cleaning supplies and these:

i have one of Owen with them on as well but my internet is being weird tonight. it keeps goofing up when i try to post a photo. anyway. it's not blogger it's all over. strange. maybe it's the meteor shower. well that was sunday, but still. could be. i'm king of ticked that i missed that. thought about it all day then went to bed forgetting all about it. oh well.

i'm going to try to put a link up to my flickr account where you'll be able to see my daily somethings for the new AE challenge i've taken on. for now, try here.

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