21 June 2007

pellow fights, movies, and food (as usual)

just sitting around recovering after a pillow fight (or pellow fight, as michael says). we had a great dinner tonight. baked chicken with tomatoes, mozzarella and fresh parsley from momma's garden.

we're heading down to laura's tomorrow. dude, dar, charlie and jared are heading down from ny saturday. haven't seen my bro in a few years, like 3 i think.

went to the movies today. took michael to see surf's up. it was cute, i guess. owen sat through the whole thing too and didn't make a peep! mom said that he probably made a lot of peeps...in his pants! "oh, karen!" she says. we just asked michael what he remembers from the movie...the only thing he can recall is, "like a trash can full of poop." nice. thanks, hollywood.

yumm...that ww fudge bar i just ate was very good! and only one point! i'm trying to get the computer to recognize my memory stick because i have a picture on there i want to put on this post but it's not working for some reason. bum! i guess i'll have to wait on that one.

my mom is mad about the 'googley-eyed mother' picture in the previous post...so be sure to check it out! :)


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Kimberly White said...

Have a happy day! Glad you are having a good time! Kim