24 June 2007


I've discovered that owen is an EMP (early morning pooper) and my sister is a PPS (Penoir Poppin' Sleeper).
and we haven't taken a picture of all the family yet and joanie has to leave this morning so we'll all be lookin' pretty rough this morning for our family portrait. but who cares?
michael is having a rough time. he misses his dad. he's trying to have fun with his cousins, but yesterday was rough because he didn't want to swim and everyone else was. he was 'too cold'. i told him that he needed to eat some more for some insulation. he's so darn skinny! but when we got home, the boys went in the hot tub and then they went out back and made some s'mores. i asked michael to ask his uncle jim to set up the telescope. but jim said no because it was so cloudy. michael got pretty upset and i told him that he wouldn't see anything anyway because it was so cloudy. then michael said, "but we could look at the houses." peeping tom. i told him that we couldn't do that. :)


Rebecca said...

Cute pictures! Love smores!

shmoggy said...

Hey Karen, how're you doing? Your kids are so adorable. Congratulations on the new baby. I just thought I'd drop by and say hello. I don't think I have my real name on my blog, but it's Ginger from the Army days in case you don't recognize my picture! =)