10 November 2007

why am i still up?

owen and mich are asleep and i know as soon i lay down and doze, owen will wake up wanting a bottle...come on kid! you're almost one year old and still not sleeping through the night! is it still OK to give them whiskey? not that i've ever done that (or ever will), but it has to be much safer than anything from a drug store these days, right?

mike had to go to alcon on weds and i just dressed mich up in his purty blue sweater. had to get a pic. i noticed when picking up mich from school, one of the 1st grade teachers was talking to him and she touched his sweater. when he got in the car, i asked if anyone told him how handsome he looked today. he sighed, "i really don't want to talk about it." the response comes only one day after a conversation about running speeds:

"I can run a lot faster than Dakota, mom."

"Are you having a race with her?"


anywho, ratatouille for the fourth time this weekend. mich keeps dozing off and i sit there and watch it. we played marathon disney monopoly last night. i landed on all the transports and bought all 4. mich would land on one every side of the board, without fail. and when he didn't he'd land on 'go to jail'. i started to feel bad b/c he was getting low on funds. then i just started giving him extra change, $400 instead of $200 for passing go, etc...by the end, the kid had an Al's Toy Barn on Al's Toy Barn ($1150 rent) and he owned the 'park place' props as well as the monster's, inc. ones. he whooped my hiney. cheater.

we had fun though. and i like that he can figure out the dice/counting. OH, how could i forget!!! the little bugger is reading! he gets a reading bag sent home and they have these little books about animals and go-karts, etc...and he can read them like he's been reading them for 30 years! so cute!

he was so sweet today. it's just been the 3 of us this wknd, mike returns from hunting tomorrow. so mich had his final soccer game this afternoon. we hit wal-mart on the way to get more tape for the camera (yes, i said tape). i told him he could get something. and he just kept saying that today was the best day ever, he loved my eggs i made for breakfast, they were the best eggs ever, 'i really love it when you make me these eggs, mom...i really love it when...you do this, that, etc...this is the best day ever mom..........you know why, mom? because my toenail finally came off.

ok. if you say so.

it was still very sweet and i can tell when he says things like that, he truly means it. you can just see it in his eyes. so sweet. and he can't lie. and that's so great that i can tell when he's fibbing. he almost starts to cry when i ask if he's sure about something he did or didn't do. not that i like to make him cry, i just like to know that he won't be a very good liar. like his momma. jk.

soccer trophy today. even after a crushing defeat from 'BANAMEX PUMITAS'. it's funny, i thought all the teams were part of the WSA? why do they get to wear do-rags and have different uniforms than everyone else? we did well up until half time. in fact, we were up 1-0. they re-grouped though and killed up in the 2nd half. oh well. all the boys had a good season. he's looking forward to playing again in jan. even though he didn't want to go to his last practice or his last game of this season.

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