21 November 2007

today...well, yesterday

i was busy today. took mich to school (his last day before the long weekend), came back home, walked the gomes, fed owen his rice cereal with apples and blueberries--super yum, btw, hit the gym with owen (he works out with me, didn't you know?), went to wally world to get shewee a filing cabinet and some folders, stopped by and cleaned up all day until 3pm when it was time to get mich.

i ate oreos today. that was it. until dinner. mike's mom got bbq. so, i had sliced brisket and 5 oreos today. nice. good thing i went to the gym? i really need to start eating better. that 'eat clean' thing isn't working b/c nobody else wants to eat clean and i don't want to cook and clean up 3 different meals. sucky. today was bad though. usually i bring a nuke meal with me or have one at home. those green giant veggies rock. and i have tuna and a yogurt with it. i didn't bring all that today b/c i hit walmart and didn't want runny yogurt.

anyway, who cares, right? something is in the works over at polka dots. i have to hit hobby lobby tomorrow and get a punch and some 8x11 paper. 25cents a sheet this week. punches are 1/2 off. can't beat that with a stick. speaking of sticks...shewee, if you're wondering why i left a rather large one on your kitchen counter today, it's b/c one of the kiddoes left it in a pocket and i washed it. it was a thick stick, not long. it scared me b/c when i saw it laying in the washer i thought it was a big terd. and i got to thinking, wow, how did that not dissolve! gross! anyway, it was a stick. it smelled good though when it came out. like tide. funny.
anywho, time to hit the hay. owen is stopped up tonight. don't know how much hay hitting i'll actually get done.

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