07 July 2007

StAr WaRs...nothing but STaR WaRS...

remember that song? Bill Murray dressed in that blue sparkly jacket singing on SNL? too funny. i wish i could remember the rest of the words. heck, maybe i'll check out YouTube.
anyway, Ft. Worth Science Museum (btw, their site sucks--can't find anything) must have some serious connections...they have the Star Wars Exhibit there until Sept. 3. so, of course, we went! not sure who enjoyed looking at the ships more, Michael or Mike. :)
it was cute though, to watch the two. and i had fun trying to get some good pictures with everyone walking by and everything in glass cases. they had the ride the hover-craft thing but Michael was too short (you need to eat, boy!)
here are some pictures from our 4th of July, too:

sittin' in the car...waiting for the show to start.

it was worth the wait...pretty good display.

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Corey said...

Great fireworks shot! It's so hard to get those right. Glad you had a good fourth!