27 July 2007

*Scrapjacked* but they already picked a winner...

I know it said i had until the 26th...but i guess that means you have through the 25th cuz i went to post my entry and they had already picked a winner!

anyway, here it is. (i posted it anyway just to say i did it). it's of michael when we went to see sarah at her band competition in 3/05. she was in dallas and they competed at texas stadium. after the competition, we went down and ran around on the field. it was very cool! even though i'm not a big football fan. and since i'm not a texan, when mike asked me why the roof was partially open, i had no idea it was so God could watch the cowboys play football. silly me.

not much going on today. clean up the house. i'm going to try to make a video of the boys being themselves and post it here. just might take a while b/c i have to take it, load it on the computer, upload it somewhere to host it i think...first though, i need to charge the camera battery. ooh, and i scrapbook tonight!

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