20 June 2007


only one more week left before i head back home. it's been a good trip so far and i hate to think about leaving because i don't know when i'll get back here to see my family. suckage.

anyway, mom and i are just hanging out today; maybe she'll paint and i'll scrapbook. ooh, she painted the prettiest picture to hang in my room. it's big. i'll just have to buy a frame for it when i get home.

finished all 23 episodes of 'heroes' this morning. owen has been getting up at like 5:45 every morning since we've been here so i figured i might as well do something. so we sit and watch heroes. was kinda disappointed in the ending. i mean, we all knew that what's his face wasn't really going to die. but what about peter? is he going to come back? that's the whole reason i liked watching the show to begin with. :)

guess i need to partake in a daylight donuts muffin. they're only 3 points. and they are awesome! i wish they had a shop in texas though. i know they're a franchise and going to their website, i don't see anything about the muffin. oh well. they're really great muffins, especially the raspberry swirl white chocolate chunk muffin. hmmm. maybe i should open one in texas! "time to make the donuts..."

i think they're getting ready to build a house next to my mom's. they're digging and making lots of noise. later dudes.

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Mmmm..baked goods! Hey girl I love your scrap style!